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Keeping The Castle (2012)

by Patrice Kindl(Favorite Author)
3.52 of 5 Votes: 5
0670014389 (ISBN13: 9780670014385)
Viking Childrens Books
review 1: 3.5 Cute story, quick read. Aletha was a determined and resourceful young women, although depicted a little flighty and willing to marry just for money which came from necessity to save her home. I felt like several of the relationships were under-developed and wrapped up a little quickly. Mr. Frederick was portrayed so socially awkward up front it was had to believe he was the same person near the end of the book when he becomes the gallant knight in shining armor. Although it was a fun read I wished the author had developed the story a bit more than where she left things off.
review 2: 4 + stars. What a fun book! I literally flew through this delightful, light-hearted story. It was exactly what I needed after recently finishing a serious and dark book. I was
... moretraveling in the car for 15 hours on Saturday and I read the whole thing cover to cover. It is a Regency era story, but it read almost like a fairy tale (minus the fairies). It was well told -- the writing was fresh and breezy. It kept me interested and involved from start to finish. It was a perfect light read. less
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Austen-lite, essentially. Worth reading once, but not keeping for a re-read.
This book had me laughing out loud. A fun, quick read.
Charming. Pride and Prejudice for YA
So much fun!
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