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Crash Course: The American Automobile Industry's Road From Glory To Disaster (2010)

by Paul Ingrassia(Favorite Author)
3.78 of 5 Votes: 4
1400068630 (ISBN13: 9781400068630)
Random House
review 1: While not knowing much about cars or what happened when the government bailed out the auto industry, this book did not seem like something I would enjoy. My local library had the audiobook for $2 though and being on the road so much I figured I couldn't go wrong for $2. Maybe I would even learn something. Am I happy to say that my $2 was well spent! I learned so much reading this book about cars, the auto industry, how to run (or not run) a business, the consequences of what the government decides to do can be both positive and negative. With the economy changing so much, this is a great book to read and see how the auto industry did not move fast enough to make these necessary changes. (Audiobook)
review 2: For those who were unclear about the details about th
... moree auto industry's bailout, this book gives much insight into the events leading to Detroit's downfall. It really illustrated that there was a great deal of blame to be shared by the auto industry executives, as well as the UAW. It also illustrates the difference in the mindset of a company like Honda vs. the American manufacturers. Really, it was quite an interesting read. less
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it's hard to decide if you hate unions or executives or legislators more at the end of this book.
great book for detroit-o-philes! cars and the car industry's role in our world....
You can sum up the car companies and union in one word: idiots.
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