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Fixing Freddie: A True Story About A Boy, A Mom, And A Very, Very Bad Beagle (2010)

by Paula Munier(Favorite Author)
3.29 of 5 Votes: 4
1440502307 (ISBN13: 9781440502309)
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review 1: True story of a twice divorced mom, her young son, and a puppy--a very determined beagle. The book takes you through the agonies of moving, sending a young son across country by himself on holidays to visit his father, keeping promises, buying a house, and many other adventures. It indeed is a story of life; life spiced up by a puppy who turns into a determined, misbehaving adolescent dog, adolescent boy, and how the maturing attitudes of all change over time.
review 2: This is really a memoir of a woman’s life raising her youngest son as a single mother following two divorces (her older children are adults). Though she has a “perfect” dog, Shakespeare, a rescued mutt and a cat Isis, succumbing to the pleadings of her 10 year old son Mikey, Munier acqui
... moreres Freddie, a badly behaved beagle. Freddie’s misdeeds are interspersed in what is essentially the story of Munier trying to put her life on a balanced footing. A writer and editor, she has relocated to a lakeside home in Massachusetts where she and her brood attempt to start a new life. While many of Munier’s choices, especially those in men, or her failure to see any defects in her sons, are questionable, you have to admire the honesty with which she tells her tale. less
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Very endearing story of a woman, children, exes, dogs, cats, and Freddie. :) Very good read.
This was cute, no complaints, especially becuase this isn't really "my genre".
I like dog books, the badder they are and the better they get the better.
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