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Yellowstone Heart Song (2000)

by Peggy L. Henderson(Favorite Author)
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Yellowstone Romance
review 1: Yellowstone “Heart Song”By Peggy L. Henderson RT Book Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥RT Cover Rating: oooo“You are my heart love”, The Story of Aimee Donovan and Daniel Osborne.First let me tell you that this is the best book I’ve read in a long time. I literally could not put it down.Aimee, an ER nurse in California is full of adventure and loves to hike the wilderness in Yellowstone. She’s just broken her engagement to Brad, when she meets a patient Zach Osborne. But Zach is just not an ordinary man; he has the ability to time travel and offers Aimee the chance of a lifetime. To experience the wilderness as she has never experienced it before. Two hundred years in the past, and Aimee thinking he was a little on the crazy side and time travel doesn’t exist, s... morehe gladly says yes to his proposition. But with one stipulation, she can’t tell anyone she has traveled to the past.She finds herself in the middle of Yellowstone in the Rocky Mountains in the year 1810, disoriented and out of sorts. How did she get here, did Zach really send her 200 years into the past? She is prepared for this journey but not like she normally would be doing a hike at Yellowstone, and she soon finds herself in some deep trouble and a handsome, built to the hilts Daniel has to rescue her from her very dangerous situation.Daniel Osborne, son of Zach, a wilderness mountain man, hot as hell with a body to die for, is only set on surviving in this harsh land and preparing for the long hard winter months to come. With his father gone on his summer trip to St. Louis to sell their pelts and furs he has a whole lot of preparing to do before his father returs in the fall. But is adoptive brother and best friend Elk Runner, a Shoshoni warrior, finds Aimee, a white woman wondering around in the wilderness alone, he and Daniel rescue her from a dangerous and precarios prediciment and thus the story continues.I really enjoyed this author’s style of writing. It’s easy to follow, the writing is clean and the characters you’ll fall in love with. There is lots of history and facts in the book along with danger at every turn, lots of lies, and finally after a whole lot of tension the lovin’ parts. If you like time travel this is a must read. I will definitely read more books from Peggy.
review 2: Got this as a free book on Amazon for some light reading, and was surprised to quite enjoy the story. The characters are the classic stock for romance books and their meeting and falling for each other was typically cliche, but I expected these things.I liked the time setting and the little bit of Native American interaction (though I have no idea how likely/accurate any of it may be), and actually enjoyed the multiple time travels and reasoning of the various characters.Enjoyed this light read, didn't want to put it down. less
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Um, I'm now obsessed with Peggy L. Henderson, historic romance, and time travel. She's 2 for 2.
Unexpected delight. Fun historical romance for those, like myself, obsessed with Yellowstone.
This is more than a 5 star book! It is Great! I loved it! I couldn't put it down!
Kind of a silly premise, but good writing.
3.5 stars!review to come...
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