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Earth And Air: Tales Of Elemental Creatures (2012)

by Peter Dickinson(Favorite Author)
3.55 of 5 Votes: 2
1618730584 (ISBN13: 9781618730589)
Big Mouth House
review 1: I've loved Dickinson and McKinley's short story collections WATER and FIRE, so I jumped at this book as soon as I saw it was out. Dickinson's writing is masterful as ever. His re-imaginings of basic mythology and folklore elements such as trolls, witches' brooms, gryphons, and gods and goddesses are captivatingly fresh. I rarely find myself feeling neutral about anything Dickinson writes: I either love it or hate it, and this collection is no different. However, it's a testament to the excellence of the writing that I *can't* be neutral about the stories. This will by no means become one of my favorite story collections, but it was well worth reading the first time, and I have no doubt these stories will be haunting me for years to come.
review 2: I really enjo
... moreyed Eva and Emma Tupper's Diary when I was younger, so I'm really looking forward to reading this one. I just won it in a First Reads give away!This is an interesting collection of short stories taken from a variety of mythologies (Norse, Greek, etc) and one science fiction tale. My favorite story was the first, a woman rescuing her husband from a troll to whom she is distantly related. less
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Interesting short stories about mythical creatures, not much substance though.
Sad Robin didn't write any for this one, but of course I'll still read it.
Interesting, mythological stories, made me think as I read it.
Shows what a master story-teller can do,,,
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