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The First World War In 100 Objects (2014)

by Peter Doyle(Favorite Author)
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0752488112 (ISBN13: 9780752488110)
The History Press
review 1: A unique and specific perspective on one of the world's most devastating wars. This is clearly a British publication, with the vast majority of objects being British or German, with a smattering of French items, and a small handful from other countries (i.e., Canada, US and British Kenya). This not an in-depth look at war, nor it's effects and impacts; it is more a story told through the objects, illustrating the brutality, fatalism and blind obedience that comes with a vicious war.
review 2: Full disclosure: I was chosen a First Reads winner, and received a hardback copy of World War I in 100 Objects in the mail.What a well-researched, well-written and fascinating book, full of excellent photos. My first thought, when I saw the title was, "How in the world di
... mored he narrow this down to 100 objects?" When I actually read the book, I saw that it's really more like 100 topics, representative of the nations, people, locations, warfare, etc. from the first World War. In nearly every case, Doyle has included more than one photo of that topic's "object," allowing him to tell its story, expand upon its use, and place it in context. Since so many of the objects are listed as being in private collections, I can't imagine how much effort went into obtaining all of those high-quality photos.Because the sections of the book follow the war years chronologically, Doyle is also able to tell the story of the war as it unfolded. I was surprised to learn several things that were completely new to me -- for example, the extent of New Zealand's involvement in support of the war effort.I am very grateful for the opportunity to have read this book, and would highly recommend it to both history and photography buffs. less
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what a cool book. it does a great job of explaining the war in the 100 objects.
Most of the objects were pretty mundane. To me. Sorry.
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