Build a Road To Get You Where You Are Going

Do you ever have a good idea? You know, something that formed in the back of your brain and wouldn’t lay still. It worked and grew until it sat in the forefront of your mind and demanded your attention. This idea was not just for you. It was meant to benefit others as well.

You know what I mean right? Something could be done to help another individual improve in life and it was right there in your mind. The details are there, the process (though a little muddy) was obvious. All that remained was a little bit of planning to put it all together.

Michael Anthony states that “planning is defined as a process which starts with a mental picture of where you want to be at some future point in time (goal). It then lays out a course of action (strategy) in measurable steps (objectives) following the correct road signs (policies and procedures) so you can arrive at your destination using the resources available (personnel, budget, facilities, etc.).” See, there is a process here that must be adhered to.

Success in life does not just happen. It must be created.

Anthony goes on to remind us that “effective leaders are able to articulate their destination in words that captivate and inspire others to follow. This is often referred to as a mission statement. This statement allows others who may not be able to foresee the future as clearly to have an idea about where the leader intends to take them.”

It is one thing to have an idea of where you want to go in life. It is something entirely different to create a plan to lead others there as well. A year and a half ago, something started growing in my thoughts. I was watching child after child after child comes through my home with the same problems.

No dad in their life or one that was failing to connect with his responsibilities as a father and husband.

Over and over and over. It was like an assembly line of children who were created without an active father in the picture. It occurred to me that these boys were not that different from me. Our stories often lined up near perfect. it occurred to me that our country has a problem that lies beneath the rest of them and is not being addressed.

Dad isn’t doing his job!

However, I seemed to have fallen into a perfect position to do something about it. So, I started developing that idea and turned it into a mission. Here is where planning becomes important. Many people will say that they want to make a difference in someone else’s life but never do it. Some just don’t take that extra step of planning out a proper approach. Many don’t even know where to start. What routine needs to be put into place to make it all work?

Here’s what I did.

Step One: Create a forum to encourage fathers to step up and do their job. (

Step Two: Write an e-book about parenting, based on my own childhood dysfunction and my adult residential care experience. (How To Raise Your Kids Without Ruining Them)

Step Three: Write an e-book about solidifying a Godly marriage. (currently in the works)

Step Four: Write an e-book about maintaining a Godly home.

Step Five: Bundle these three e-books into a physical copy and pay a company to publish it for me.

Step Six: Use the book as a platform for public speaking engagements where I will address the need for fathers to engage more with their families.

I set out to accomplish these six goals in five years. I am 1.5 years into this process with 1/3 of the goals met. See… make a plan and execute the steps. Know where you are going and build the roads to get there. People, there is nothing special about me. Many of you are more educated and interesting than I am. I just simply began making choices to get me where I need to be.

Life is Strange. Live it Well.

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