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Coven Of Wolves (2012)

by Peter Saenz(Favorite Author)
4.24 of 5 Votes: 3
1470079437 (ISBN13: 9781470079437)
review 1: Now this is truly an interesting plotted fantasy. This whole story is action packed for an entire time. A reader is pulled into Devin fight from the start, I liked that. Devin was really pulling character. He wasn't self absorbed and had a kind soul. Which is always a nice part of a character. To be strong minded and humble, too. Anyway great work by Peter Saenz. I hope we will get a sequel,too. I'm sure everyone would love it, I sure would! HIGHLY Recommended fantasy!
review 2: A richly imagined, but not well edited, tale of a male witch on the run from an evil coven master. He connects with an ally from that coven, and turns out to have affinity with wolves and a connection to werewolves. The makings of a really good book are here, with a good plot and cha
... moreracters to work with. Some of the scenes are riveting and memorable. The take on shifters and witches and magic is fresh and worth a read. less
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This is a great book... no matter the adversities in life unity makes strength.
This was pretty good! I hope there's a sequel.
kindle freebie 6.8.12
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