My first(s) ?

Okay, I have 2.

KL aka Jae Suk

He is my FIRST sugardaddy. That’s not his real name btw, he just looked like this Korean celebrity, Jae Suk. If you didn’t know him, he’s from Running Man. I’ll give you pic here. And yeah he’s Chinese.

I am still in contact with him. He is nice, and cares about me. He is really really smart. Like, I may be a straight A student, but I feel stupid compared to him. We had an arrangement for a few months, then he decided that he didn’t want me to keep continue being a sex worker. LMAO. I realized im a sex worker, but it never really sink to me ya know hahahah.

He said, he cares so much about me, and that he always worried about me whenever I am going to meet my other potential sugar daddy (POT). He’s a very responsible SD. I really do like him, and enjoyed my time with him. He worries too much about me. Legit. He keeps track of my period. He bought me a pregnancy test when my period is late. (Post coming up soon). And he nags too much for a sugardaddy haha.

As of right now, we are not having sex. If we meet, it’s either lunch or dinner. Like…a friend. We are friend friend right now. We hangout and stuff. I know for a fact that he is lonely. I kind of feel sorry for him. I really do. I’ll tell you more stuff about him soon.


Daniel. G

Okay, he was the first man I ever had sex with. Anal sex.

Wait…did I tell you guys that I am technically still a virgin? I only do anal sex. I never have vaginal sex. Sure, my hymen is gone, but I never have a dick inside my pussy. I swear.

Anyway, we met on Tinder. He was nice at first, but he gives me red flags. All in all, I cut it. I don’t want to see him again. He is a fucking asshole. I hate him, and his dick smells like pee. He’s my first kiss too, ewwwwwww. UGH.

He only cares about him. Sex is both way thing, right? But not for him! He came and that’s it. He basically ignores me after that. I’ll try to make a story time about him cause it kinda traumatising for me lol.



Jae Suk is the 2nd man I had sex with. Daniel is first. One I hate, one I don’t hate.

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