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Evolving In Monkey Town: How A Girl Who Knew All The Answers Learned To Ask The Questions (2010)

by Rachel Held Evans(Favorite Author)
4.13 of 5 Votes: 3
0310293995 (ISBN13: 9780310293996)
review 1: Due to the cosmic lottery I kind of started my faith journey at the place where she evolved to, one where the questions can at times be more important than the answers. That said, I was around/aware of enough of the "other" kind of Christians for her story to resonate with me. Friendly, informal, thoughtful, and funny I hope this book encourages more seekers to explore the varieties of Christian community until they find one that feels like a good fit.
review 2: I bought Rachel Held Evans's book because I was intrigued by the phenomenon of her blog, which attracts tens of thousands of readers and has made her a force in evangelical circles. Why? And how?EVOLVING IN MONKEY TOWN holds the answer. Evans is a solid story-teller, her theology is thought-provoki
... moreng, and she's clearly a likeable, faithful woman. Her memoir is a quick, clear, moving read--if you don't mind occasional Biblical exegesis. But what makes this book (and Evans herself) extraordinary, I imagine, is how it traces the path of an entire generation of evangelical Christians coming of age in the 1990s, into the extreme challenges that a globalized, internet-driven culture presents to people of faith. And Evans's faith survives, albeit changed. This is a story of resilience. I imagine Evans is so popular because she illustrates how rigid belief can transform into flexible, resilient, and enduring faith. And this is a story our culture needs."In the end, the same question that frightened and intimidated me as a child provided the clearest way out: What if I’m wrong? … To be wrong about God is the condition of humanity, for better or for worse. … In the end, it was doubt that saved my faith." --Rachel Held Evans less
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Very good book, easy to read and throughly enjoyable. Thought-provoking and moving.
Definitely worth the read. I felt like she knew my life.
Thought provoking. I share some of her questions.
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