Just plain odd.

Yesterday’s post about weird stuff got me thinking about the weirdest books I’ve ever read. Brace yourselves.

I always introduce this book to students by telling them “I read it in 3rd grade and look at me now!” (A dramatic pose helps them to see just how perfect this gen of a book made me.) How To Be a Perfect Person In Just Three Days by Stephen Manes is just hilarious. The kids are confused by the stunts Milo is asked to perform in the quest of perfection but they do learn a valuable lesson in the end.

Blue Moose and The Return of the Moose by Daniel Manus Pinkwater are very weird. I actually read The Return of the Moose first, and let me tell you…wow. The Moose writes an autobiography and tells us that he was president Harry Truman! It was a read aloud and the kids were enthralled by the oddity of it.

I read Lafcadio the lion who shot back by Shel Silverstein to my 6th graders last year. It’s done in Silverstein’s typical line drawing style but it is a chapter book. Lafcadio s tired of being hunted and decides to put a stop to it. He is actually a great shot and which eventually leads him on an adventure in the human world. The only problems though are too many marshmallows and becoming too human himself.

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