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Love And Decay, Season Two (Episode #4): Love And Decay, A Zombie Novella Series (2000)

by Rachel Higginson(Favorite Author)
4.64 of 5 Votes: 4
Love and Decay 2
review 1: I would have marked this episode 5 stars but just knowing there will be so much Kane in the next story brings it down. I love seeing thing through Haley's eyes. Its a fresh perspective and a nice way to change things up. In this episode Reagan is finally left behind from a mission due to her injuries. Haley, Vaughan, and Nelson go with Gage and Tyler to rescue Miller. There is a run in with Kane and they pick up a new girl, Madison. I am eager to meet her and see what kind of character she becomes. Lots of action and funny Haley quips. Great episode. I just hope they finally kill Kane in the next episode and move on already!
review 2: ARC Review:While the last Episode was a physical thriller, Episode Four was a fast passed non-stop ride that will keep you at
... more the edge of our seat until the very end. Seriously y'all go to the bath room and grab a snack before you start to read because I promise you won't be able to put it down until the end. Oh yeah, prepare to throw your iPad as well * dirty look at Rachel*Ok so what happened in this Episode that got me so worked up? Let's talk about it! This time around we get to have a peak into Haley's head and oh what a journey it turns out to be. Nelson, Vaughan, Tyler, Gage and Haley all form a plan to sneak into Matthias’s compound and rescue the neglected and abused Miller. This will be a dangerous and possible deadly mission.The team will be short handed without the help of Hendrix and Reagan who stay behind in order for her to recover from her concussion. The group barley makes it through the woods heavily invested with Matthias’s armed men, into a school full of his faithful followers.Haley has a run in with the ever creepy Kane and he had a few things to say about Reagan that frankly freaked me out! I don't know about y'all but he creeps me out!!!After much more chaos, the groups make it back to their home base but have a sinking feeling that something is not right. As the should, two very important people have WOW!!!! This Episode was beyond amazing, exciting and hold your breath action!! The action just keeps coming and like I said you won't want to put this Episode down even to go to the bathroom!! Each of the bonds were tested and strengthened as they worked together to face the drama and save their lives. I love how these characters pull together to face any peril that may come their way and renew the love between them. My only complaint?? How it ended!!! Rachel, how could you do that to us??? less
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Hailey point of view is a nice change of pace from the drama of Reagan and her love life.
Holy. Hell. That was intense. On to episode 5!!
Haley's pov. Loved it! Super intense!
omg! what an ending.
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