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Love And Decay, Season Two (Episode #5): Love And Decay, A Zombie Novella Series (2000)

by Rachel Higginson(Favorite Author)
4.6 of 5 Votes: 5
Love and Decay 2
review 1: I LOVED this episode for many reasons. For once something truly different happened! Kane has taken Page and Reagan and the Parker brothers are not going to be able to find them any time soon. This alone makes me excited for the twists and turns. Plus, Kane is in the whole episode! I think Kane is the most intriguing character. I am waiting for him to reveal his master plan which I can only hope actually involves taken down his father. Finally, there was no Hendrix. Reagan needed a break from him to get her head on straight. Sure he is a nice guy but he's also possessive. In the large scheme of things he and Kane are not so different. Kane's just a little more out there with his ideas. Can't wait for episode 6!
review 2: UGGGGH! Don't get me wrong, in one w
... moreay I loved this episode - I'm a *HUGE* Kane fan, but in another way, I feel like I'm having my chain yanked with this love triangle. Reagan's head is so full of mush at the moment, I can't stand the wavering and the constant hate on Kane. I'd rather he die at this point than have this waffle on and on, it's driving me batty! Resurrect him in another story Ms. Higginson, you're killing him so slowly here, be merciful!! I just want to get to love him for real with someone else, hahaI started out loving this series because the two girls were such strong characters and the love triangle with her, Hendrix, and Vaughn was resolved so efficiently, so it feels like this series is devolving! And why? There are so many other valid sources of drama in this world. I've actually put off reading them where I used to be hanging out for them, wondering and thinking of them all the time. My interest is waning because they are getting so flipping frustrating to read!!! less
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Kane how I adore you, even if you are off your rocker.
I'll say it again. Effing Kane.
Argh. Kane.
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