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Gorgeous (2009)

by Rachel Vail(Favorite Author)
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0060890460 (ISBN13: 9780060890469)
Avery Sisters Trilogy
review 1: The novel "Gorgeous" is a excellent book. I would highly recommend this book to young teens because it is very interesting. I finished this book in about two days because I wanted to know the ending to it and I couldn't stop reading it. It makes you see things from a different point of view. It's also very cool how Allison's phone is possessed by the devil and it completely changed her life. It changed it partially for the better but only to such extent.Also reading how Allison herself changed how she looked at herself and defined herself was pretty cool. It's a good book to read for people who enjoy reading romance, young teen stories/books.
review 2: Oh to be the middle child. Not smart like the oldest, or popular like the baby. Yet to be interesting-looking
... moremiddle child, with no parents paying attention. Life can be hard, especially with a bullying friend. But as an Avery Girl she must be strong, and survive through it. Even if dealing with it means wagering her cell phone with the devil. Allison Avery can be described as gorgeous. But who really thinks of themselves as that? Allison with her too wide apart eyes, frizzy and a little crazy dark hair that would never surrender to hair spray. All Allison wants is for people to look at her and say “Wow she’s gorgeous.” Now is that too much to ask? When in a ‘dream’ the devil appearance granting that seven people will think she was 100% gorgeous, for the price that he got to possess her cell phone. Allison agreed to the devil’s wager. Soon she is getting the guy she wanted, hanging out with an exotic city chick Roxie leaving her friends out of the loop. The guy a grade above her final realities who she is and acts like he’s so cool, when all he wants is for her to be his. All for her cell phone to buzz at bad times, never turn off, not get texts, and send out group texts to everyone on her contact list. Yet her friends and family aren't the only one who thinks she’s gorgeous, the teen magazine zip also thinks she’s something special and make her a semi-finalist in their new teen model contest. While all this is going on, so is drama in her family as they might lose everything, as her mom invested in the wrong thing. With family drama, zip wanting her to spill her secrets to the world, and family drama, Allison must make the greatest sacrifice in her life as she has to choose between family and friends or fame and beauty.Rachel Vail has completely changed my mind about her. The writing in this is more common still, but it is not at all like the first book Lucky. I like this book a lot more than Lucky. As in Lucky it dealt with the youngest Phoebe and her sad eighth grade rich girl problems, this book had more depth. As it dealt with Allison just wanting to win something and feel pretty. I love how she kept the story line the same, just writing about the same time period as Allison and not Phoebe. I liked Allison a lot more than Phoebe as the money issue did not bother her so much, as it seemed to Phoebe and that green dress. The book made me feel bad for Allison as all she wanted was to have her parent’s to listen and love her. The third and final book in this sister trilogy tells the story from the oldest point of view. We found out how Phoebe and Allison dealt with it, now what about you, Quinn. Find out in the last book called Brilliant. less
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The sequel to Lucky -- a girl becomes gorgeously beautiful.
i loved the writing style and allison was a great character
Interesting, and a quick read. Read it in two days.
I finished it 2 weeks ago
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