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No Greatness Without Goodness: How A Father's Love Changed A Company And Sparked A Movement (2014)

by Randy Lewis(Favorite Author)
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1414383649 (ISBN13: 9781414383644)
Tyndale House Publishers
review 1: This is an incredible book everyone should read that uncovers a need in our nation to help people with disabilities find employment. It was written by the senior vice president of Walgreens whose son is autistic. Even before he learned that, he wanted Walgreens to be motivated by three principles: money, mission, and meaning. If they hired disabled people who could work, they would make a difference for the community, the shareholders, and the employees. They would spend $180 million on this program to get it started. He knew they would battle fear which undermines creativity and stepping out in a new direction. He also knew that a disability could not be an excuse for laziness or poor performance. He got the city to run buses so the poor would be able to get to wor... morek. He felt he had to set an example in hiring the disabled and proving they could do the work. They would ask the employee how he’d do the job. Supervisors would then list the steps to complete each job. Once a week they would review their performance and show confidence in each worker. And the project was a success!
review 2: There are thousands of people that form an untapped resource. They're not looking for pity, but for an opportunity. They have some type of disability that prevents them from working like "normal" people, but aren't useless. After his son was born with autism, Randy Lewis began to wonder if this group could be integrated into the workforce and be given the opportunity they were looking for. He shares what he found in No Greatness Without Goodness.Lewis was afraid of what would have to Austin, his son, after he and his wife died, a fear common to parents of children with disabilities. As Lewis worked with his son, and learned from him, a thought of making jobs available to people with physical and mental limitations took root. Getting his company on board took a little time, but everyone agreed that it was worth it in the end.Randy Lewis shared how having an autistic child made him realize many things. First, that he and his family weren't alone; many families face similar situations. He also realized that he needed to do something, since he was in a position to act. Though it started small, employing people with disabilities become a successful part of Walgreens, and was shared with other corporations.Reading No Greatness Without Goodness reinforced that all people are capable of something. Adjustments will have to be made to how things are done, but disabled people are part of humanity. It is not an us/them issue, unless that is how we treat it.This is more than a feel good read, it shows that people can make a difference when given a mission and meaning, and allowed to act.I received a free copy of this book from Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for this review. less
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Loved this book! I wish more leaders lived by his principles...imagine.
What an excellent book for anyone. A positive message all around.
Wonderful story.
Quite inspiring.
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