A Dog’s Purpose – W. Bruce Cameron


Every dog happens for a reason, or so this book’s cover says. I came by this book (unsurprisingly) because it has been made into a movie and I though the concept sounded great. Basically dog buddhism. This novel follows one dog’s many lives, each life  lessons are learnt that help in the next fulfilling this dog’s purpose and providing an unusual perspective on human beings and their relationships.


This book was exactly what I expected, no more, no less. A quick and easy, yet consuming read. It certainly did not blow me away but as I expected (and the reason I bought it) it provided me with some simple and heart-warming entertainment on a week off work sick. I have to admit, I love the concept of life after life, learning something new in each to equip you for the next and given dog’s natures the idea of them having a purpose just made sense. They are so loving and loyal that the concept just fits. I loved reading about each life and how they connected to each other over time.


A Dog’s Purpose was a quick and easy read. Cutesy and heart-warming. A definite must for any dog lovers out there or anyone wanting something a little beautiful and comforting. I give A Dog’s Purpose three little puppers, because what else really?



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