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Shadow (2009)

by Karin Alvtegen(Favorite Author)
3.63 of 5 Votes: 4
1847671705 (ISBN13: 9781847671707)
Canongate Books
review 1: This was an excellent story. It lived up to my expectations as I've read other Karin Alvtegen stories and enjoyed them immensely. She develops the story very nicely, introducing characters in each chapter and telling the story through their eyes. Each person is well-crafted, has their own individual personalities, their own faults. The story starts with the death of Gerda Persson, a lady who had previously been the house maid for a famour literary family. The preparations for her funeral will change many lives and bring people together who did not know each other existed. There are many surprises and an excellent ending, even if not what I expected. Karin Alvtegen is an excellent mystery writer, very unique style. Highly recommended.
review 2: This is more like
... more 1.5 stars being generously rounded up. It was mediocre. Not terribly written, not well written. The whole shock factor thing got to me. They tried to write a book just by being sensational...but it didn't carry through the whole book. It did not capture my attention and I found it boring to read. As I said before, my mother was on a Swedish author kick and she recommended it. less
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Started slowly but really enjoyed the last 100 pgs or so. Beautifully written.
A novel full of depressing alcoholic miserable characters.
Just never really caught my interest.
Excellent. Love this author.
Fairly good
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