A Scrooged Christmas: Luke| Review

A short but sweet tale of Insta-love and faith.

If Luke Knight could change anything about his life, it would be the day his nephew died. Filled with guilt, Luke lived a lonely existence. Until the day an angel crashed into his truck… and struck his heart.

Anna Stubbs knew one thing without question: God has a reason for everything. Her optimism and faith shine from within, and no matter how hard Luke tries, he can’t ignore it.

When life throws an unexpected curveball, both Luke and Anna will need to reach deep inside themselves this holiday season, and learn to have faith that God is in control and duck slippers truly are a man’s undoing.

Rated R for language and sexual content.

Note: Luke – A Scrooged Christmas is part of a collaborated collection of individual books themed around a Scrooged Christmas, from authors Author Bsm Stoneking, FG Adams, Jennifer Domenico, Jessika Klide, Julia Goda, Mayra Statham, Regina Frame Author, Tracie Douglas, Winter Travers, and myself. Each tale is a standalone and not related to each other. But the ‘scroogie’ theme ties them all together.

REVIEW: This book made me laugh and cry. There was just so much going on and it was hard not to want to cry during this book. So much happened, so much pain and healing and it was the perfect emotional ride. CP Smith wrote a heartfelt book that shows that miracles do happen, and even when you lose someone, there is a way to heal from the pain. Luke and Anna are just amazing together and I’m happy to have had the chance to read their story. What steamy scene there was happened perfectly and was written with the flow and emotion of the story. Be sure to grab this book off Amazon!

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