Book: City of Glass

I have been have been reading Cassandra Clare’s much famed Mortal Instrument Series. At this point I have finished City of Glass. There is something about the series so far that irritates and annoys me but also keeps me on my toes.

I am addicted to the ‘Shadowhunter show’ and it’s couple Magnus Bane and Alexander Lightwood but the show follows a different story with the same characters involved. Let us not dive into that.

What I love and hate about Mortal Instruments

The facts that all the characters have their personal gaping flaws in character is an endearing as well as a frustrating fact in the book. It seems like the renowned writer Cassandra Clare must have sat down to make character description with an aim of giving each character a giant personality flaw.

What I love is the chemistry of the lead couple and what I hate is the damsel in distress scenarios that follow Clary throughout the series. Her reaction to these distressful moments are mixed as she sometimes cries like a damsel while at other times rises like a hero. It is also a little disappointing not to have Simon and Izzy’s or Magnus and Alec’s story to explore. At a certain point, all the character that were building to lead fell on the sidelines and Luke shined as the hero. The twist puzzled me to no ends. Even Luke’s sister Amantis was just thrown in the story.

By the time the series ends, the character have overcome their flaws in the series (to a certain extent) meanwhile developing new ones. Though these character have quite realistic personalities, there world isn’t actually real.

No offense, I love the show more! I get to see more of Izzy, Simon, Magnus (my favorite character) and Alec (my favourite actor).

My Favorite Character

Hands Down: Magnus Bane

His humor is off the charts, he is vastly emotional, he has a great sense of style and knows how to have good fun while being responsible at the same time. Don’t forget, he is a powerful warlock. Thanks Cassandra Clare for writing Mortal Instruments and thus Magnus.

Would I read it again?

Many books usually earn a second or third go after a while. As far as Mortal Instrument series is concerned I have mixed feeling at this point, for I know I will remember how much frustration the series gave me. But since I will also remember all the good parts, it is possible that I’d open the books just to read the good parts like the Mortal Instrument final battle. The one, where the linking happens. Epic one!


For me, it seems like the series ends here! It really confuses me as to how the series would have extended to 6 parts. The whole battle would really serve well as a series ending so far. Though, not all the ends have been tied up but the conclusion is sufficiently satisfactory.

I wonder if the further three books will explore the side characters more to tie up loose ends but it shouldn’t take three books to do so! All in all, City of Glass is a much better read in terms of character, even though a few of them disappoint us, most characters do not.

Spoiler Alert

Jace and Clary find out that they aren’t related.

Jocelyn wakes up and the background story clears up.

Max dies

Valentine dies (Since the angel was pissed at him for torturing Ithuriel)

Simon gets the ‘Mark of Cain‘. The first ever rune!

Alec and Magnus come out in the open.

Luke and Jocelyn get together

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