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Cheating Chance (2008)

by James Buchanan(Favorite Author)
3.88 of 5 Votes: 4
1603703039 (ISBN13: 9781603703031)
Torquere Press
Taking the Odds
review 1: I had a hard time with this book. I found Nick to be a like able character, but found Brandon a rude insensitive jerk. I didn't really see any relational chemistry between them other than the sex, which was good stuff. The text wandered into over describing things, like the history of a particular casino, and I can't really say I was interested. The ending, however was exciting, so while I felt like skimming through much of the middle, I felt like I got a bit of a payoff at the end. Tough read.
review 2: Well I am middle of the road on this book as to how much I enjoyed this. There were elements that were very good-this author writes good drama! But there were parts that were tedious to slog through, especially, as other reviewers have mention, the technical de
... moretails. The introduction was a little fast-right away they’re having sex, but it’s tough because we are trying to get a feel for the characters, trying to figure out who is who. The Goth part was neat, and clearly dear to this authors heart as well. There were parts I was iffy with, most specifically that Brandon was so mad at Nick for sleeping with his ex when Brandon had yelled and him and then not responded in several days. Brandon was blind to Nicks reasons, when I felt that he didn’t have a right to be. I think I will continue with the series at some point, but I’m not tempted to rush out. I do like the author though-sexy!-so I plan to read more of his work! less
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Hey! Where did my review go? I know I did a review of this. WTF?>:[
Absolutely loved this book. Can't wait to read book 2.
This was an interesting book. I wish it longer.
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