Book Report – week 3

I feared this would happen when I returned to my books. You see, I end up getting lost in the books that I’m reading that I quite simply forget to come out. Everything around me could fall down at my feet and I wouldn’t notice and I love it!.

I have been trying hard to remember that there is a real world out there, that has work and commitments and so I’ve been limiting my reading to my spare moments but the books are whispering and calling and it’s getting stronger…isn’t it wonderful!

The above is also why it’s been three weeks from my last book report. It’s not that I wasn’t reading, it’s just that I was lost and falling in love again with my books.

Anyway, before I fill this post with how much I’m in love with my books again, lets actually see what is on my reading table.

I finished Pride and Prejudice a couple of weeks back. I savoured each and every word of those last few chapters, they are my favourite!

It’s pretty hard to pick a favourite from a book that is one of your favourites but I do believe I love where they go walking, those chapters make me smile. Second to this is when Elizabeth sees Pemberley and it’s grounds and Darcy appears as if by magic!. Lastly I love when Elizabeth and Darcy are at Rosings, you can’t help but feel for Darcy…sigh.

So as you may have gathered I really enjoyed my re-read of Pride and Prejudice and it still remains in my top 5 favourite books.

So with Pride and Prejudice finished this meant moving onto finishing one of the many other books I seemed to have started and not gotten round to finishing. I picked back up The Emperors Tomb by Steve Berry. I’ve slowly been working my way through the Cotton Malone series of books and enjoyed the titles before this and it’s not that I wasn’t enjoying The Emperors Tomb but I found it to be dragging on and not really making much progress and so it was easy to lay aside. This I think in part was also due to one of my favourite characters in the series being killed off in the previous book and you know how it is when one of your favourite characters are killed off, you do don’t you?

You need time to see how the dynamics of a series is going to be now that they are gone, so it took me some time. The pace has begun to pick up now though as I enter the last few chapters, story lines are being wrapped up and it’s building to the final conclusions. I will no doubt finish this and move onto the next in the series, whether I read it next or read a different book first, remains to be seen.

That is what is on my reading table.

Ruth x


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