Book Review: Deadmen Walking by Sherrilyn Kenyon

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So from my understanding, this is an extension of the Dark-Hunterverse written by her, but I haven’t read that yet and in my opinion it really isn’t necessary to read those before you read this. I will definitely say it took a minute, maybe up to the ten percent mark, to get used to the dialogue and writing style, due to the fact that this is a historical fiction and the main characters are pirates. It sounds cheesy, I know, but it was actually a really amazing book and it easily got 5 stars from me. Keep reading for my spoiler-free review.

Goodreads Description               Kindle Notes and Highlights

Synopsis These men did not like to be kept waiting, nor did they want to be interrupted once settled. For the first time, Cameron’s courage faltered as she watched the men begin a private and intense whispered conversation. What are you doing, Cam? This was what she’d come for—to speak to Captain Devyl Bane and enlist his aid.

Cameron Jack originally went to Captain Bane because she believed her brother was still alive after the shipwreck everyone said was assuredly his death. Bane agreed to help her find her brother, for reasons only he knew, and invited her onto his ship. What she didn’t know at the time was what exactly she was getting herself into, and who she was getting into bed with.

“I’m redeeming the damned. Giving them another chance to learn from their mistakes and make something of their lives and eternity. Is that not what we’re supposed to do? Is that not what all of you have preached since the beginning of time? To protect the innocent from those who prey upon them?” Michael scoffed at him. “It’s the ones you’ve chosen as their guardians we take issue with. These aren’t the souls of those who were borderline damned. You’ve chosen some of the blackest souls ever spat out from the farting abyss of hell itself. Have you any idea what you’ve released back into the world? Especially with this latest batch of … What are they calling themselves? Deadmen?”

Captain Bane, known in his past as Dón-Dueli, is what is called a Deadman: he died and went to hell and has since been brought back to redeem himself and earn back his life. His mission in life, besides to get under the skin of his ship, Marcelina, is to hunt down his wife, who turned evil in his lifetime and killed him. He has since been charged with restoring the gates of hell, which are beginning to buckle, and return the damned to behind their gates before it’s too late.

If my description  sucks, check out the GR one, it’s way better! My Thoughts

I absolutely loved this book. It was really refreshing that the main female lead didn’t fall for the main male lead, that it was one of the side characters instead. That was super refreshing.

I loved the pirate lingo:

“Well, we learned a vital lesson here today, me mateys. You canna keelhaul a demon no matter how hard you try for it. The rotten crafty beastie bastard won’t be having none of it.” Half the crew turned to stare agape at Captain Paden Jack. The other half rolled their eyes and cursed him, then questioned his saintly mother’s impeccable reputation, as well as the legitimacy of his parentage and all his intelligence. If they weren’t about to die, he’d take a mite more offense to their sordid insults.

I mean seriously they said “me mateys” in the first sentence