Book Review: Iron Man by Fred Van Lente

Goodreads Synopsis:

Heart of steel: Captured by terrorists, genius inventor Tony Stark must secretly develop an all-new technology if he hopes to escape.
Titanium trap: While investigating a string of thefts from a Stark facility in Brazil, Tony faces a rival with a suit of armor stronger than his own.

Seven rings hath the Mandarin: Spider-Man, Hulk and Ant-Man join Iron Man in an attempt to stop the powerful Mandarin.

There’s an ape for that: Iron Man teams up with Nova to stop the Red Ghost and his three super-powered apes.

Employee of the month: A rogue employee allows Spymaster and his team of villains to steal Stark technology, and, with Iron Man disabled, it takes the efforts of a very special employee to win the day.


About the Author:

Van Lente was raised by a mystery-loving mother (who preferred Dorothy Sayers to Agatha Christie, but we won’t hold that against her) and a wisecracking Woody Allen-lookalike scientist father in what appears to be some kind of genetic experiment to write his first novel, TEN DEAD COMEDIANS, even though neither parent nor the son himself would know it for many years.

Van Lente spent his time between birth and authoring Ten Dead Comedians becoming the #1 New York Times best selling writer of graphic novels like Cowboys & Aliens (the basis of the feature film), Odd is on Our Side with Dean R. Koontz, and the gorily funny Marvel Zombies series.

He did some other things too, but they hardly seem worth mentioning.


My Review:

I loved every single one of these stories and the artwork was outstanding.  I really love anything that deals with one or all of the Avengers.  I can’t wait to go on many more adventures with them.

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