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Jack Absolute (2003)

by C.C. Humphreys(Favorite Author)
3.51 of 5 Votes: 4
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Jack Absolute
review 1: Diana Galbadon recommended this on her FB page so I took her up on her recommendation. And I didn't really like it. at the end if the hook the author describes how the book came yo be and says "....the character....would have to be rather more than the dashing army captain and oft-unscrupulous lover. He would have to do something. Thus he became a spy - among other things." Unfortunately I don't the character grew at all. I couldn't understand why Jack Absolute was this revered person. He was one dimensional, but could do EVERYTHING. I will say the story got a wee bit more interesting 75% of the way through. But I still couldn't understand why I should care about Jack as highly as all the characters did.
review 2: I will have to give some thought to wh
... moreether or not I will read the next in this series. I have to admit it took me and unusual amount of time to read this book. It simply was not all that engaging. The writing was sub-par and could have been achieved by most American Eighth-graders. In fact, if you left out the profanity and sexual references, it could be marketed as young reader material.The main character, as well as EVERYONE around him, thought too highly of himself. It was so off-putting and really wasted time that could have been used to offer the reader insight into who Jack Absolute really was. The best part of the book was the last couple of chapters and then it was ruined by the ending which was both a let-down and unbelievable, because (as a reader) I did not feel invested in the plot or progression of the entire tale. less
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An entertains summer read, I liked it more than I expected to after I read the 1st chapter.
Very good historical fiction on the American Revolution, but from the British view point!
This was a great book. Jack reminds me of Diana Gabaldon's Lord John Grey.
A fun swashbuckling read written by a neighbour of mine!
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