Books I Read In December…

With my one of my New Years resolution’s being to read more I thought I would share what I’ve been reading lately. So I went to my local library and picked out a few books. Not knowing really what I wanted to read I choose a couple of books at random.

Please remember I don’t really know how to actually review books, this is just a brief summary and my opinion.

  • Let It Snow – John Green, Maureen Johnson, Lauren Myracle                                        This a compilation  of three shorter stories  each written by 3 different authors. The first is called “The Jubliee Express” by Maureen Johnson. The second is called “A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle” by John Green. The last is called “The Patron Saint Of Pigs” by Lauren Myracle.                                                                                                                      All of the stories have interlinked characters and it follows 3 of their lives through Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, with each story told from the characters perspective. We follow each character on a crazy adventure through an epic snowstorm, with challenges, laughs and love along the way.                                                 You can buy this book for  £5.19 from WHSmith.                                                                             
  • Love Is A Thief – Claire Garber                                                                                                      What has love stolen from you? You will be asking yourself this question when you have finished this book, I know I was. This book follows a recently single writer and her quest to find out what love has stolen from her, and other women with the help of the magazine she works for. Follow Kate on her journey as she attempts to mend her broken heart and discover what really makes her happy. This book will inspire you to go out and find what you have put on hold or given up because you fell in love. You can buy this book for £9.99 from Amazon. 
  • If you have any book recommendations I would love to hear them! Suggest them in the comments or tweet me.

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