Business Tips : When Email Subscriptions become a Headache

Ignorance is not bliss in business these days, especially with millions of free online resources, trainings, webinars, etc. up for grabs, particularly as opt-ins in exchange for your email.

And considering that those who need these resources most would rather have a foretaste of anything worth their every cent, and not blindly pay for every nice-to-have in a world where good resources don’t come cheap, sure you’d agree that we all can do with some freebies from time to time.

Apart from the freebies, email subscriptions are also a great way to keep abreast of recent developments in your industry; furthermore, they raise your awareness on solutions your require (we aren’t always aware we need help, you know), also indirectly feed you with valuable options to choose from, especially when you have more than one industry specific subscriptions.

Nevertheless, many people would rather not ‘Opt-In’ for these freebies plus added benefits even when they’re truly needed, because (with all due respect) some email marketers turn out to be pesky in their pursuit of leads. Multiple (un)solicited emails take their toll on productivity as they have a way of clogging up the mailbox, thereby making relevant emails difficult to manage.

Anyone been there? We all can testify.
Yet, we miss out on vital skills and information by not joining some of these communities and email list.

So, what’s the way out? How do you derive value from your email newsletters? How do you prevent your email subscriptions from meddling with your productivity and becoming a major distraction?

The answer is this proven tip we learned On the Grind:

#OnTheGrind Tip: Create a dedicated email account for all your subscriptions.

Yes you heard that, create a separate email address for your opt-ins and subscriptions. A yahoo or gmail address will do, and thankfully, most email apps on Android and iOS devices now support multiple email accounts.

That way, all your emails from websites, trainers, blogs and marketers you subscribed to will go to your dedicated email address and stop going to your business mailbox.

Apart from taking away the headache and heartache that comes with each new email alert, or the trouble of attempting to manage the traffic with folders and rules, these are other notable advantages of having an exclusive email address for your subscriptions:

  • Your business mailbox is lighter, and email subscriptions don’t distract you from important business emails.
  • The dedicated mailbox serves as a control panel for your subscriptions and you can see and manage (flag, delete, unsubscribe from lists, mark as read or unread, group, tag, schedule to read later etc.) all your subscriptions from the same location.
  • You can monitor the impact and get more value from each subscription.
  • Guides your decision making. With time, you notice a trend which shows you what offers to pay for, which webinars to opt-in for etc.
  • So, you don’t have to keep missing out on those exciting free resources, tools and webinars for fear of multiple emails draining your productivity. Now, who says you can’t eat your cake and have it?

    Check out a sample dedicated opt-in mailbox

    This is a trick we learned on the grind, and we do hope it helps. Why not give it a try and do give us a feedback.

    If you’re an email marketer, we know you’ve also learnt from this.

    Do you have a valuable ‘On the Grind’tip to share? Reach us here.

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