Cozy Prizes Friday: That Olde White Magick

Want to see me pull a rabbit out of my hat? How about a new mystery that centers around magic? Or magick? Sharon Pape is here today to talk about her latest mystery, That Olde White Magick, and her writing process.

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And now, here’s Sharon Pape.

How did you come up with an idea for your book?

Ideas have never been a problem for me. They always seem to be percolating in my mind. When I’m planning a mystery series, I like to add a paranormal twist, because I’m intrigued by subjects that push the envelope of reality. The paranormal allows me to stretch my imagination.

What scene do you hope your readers enjoy the most?

It’s hard to pick out one scene. I guess I’d choose one of the amusing scenes, most of which seem to involve Merlin – yes, that Merlin. He’s elderly and has some memory issues that wreak havoc on a daily basis.

What other things have you written or what projects might we see in the future?

My first mystery series was “A Portrait of Crime” (aka the “Sketch Books,”) in which Rory, a police sketch artist, teams up with Zeke, the ghost of a federal marshal from the late eighteen hundreds, to bring today’s killers to justice. Zeke’s back story is revealed throughout the series and eventually connects him and Rory in ways they could never have imagined.

As for future projects, I have another series under construction in the back of my mind along with other ideas that keep haunting me.

If you could write any other genre what would that be?

Well, my first 3 books were paranormal. Aside from mystery and paranormal, I think I would like to go outside genre fiction and write something mainstream. There’s one idea in particular that calls to me. I have taken a dip into mainstream with short stories. Redbook magazine published a mainstream short story of mine years ago. I’ve also published a little book of mostly mainstream holiday stories, called ‘Tis the Season. 4 short stories for the busiest time of year, including a bit of Christmas magic.

Is there a giveaway or promotion with this book?

Yes, I’ll be giving away 5 e-copies at the end of the tour.

Where can readers leave reviews of your book?

Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, and anywhere else they’d like.

About The Author

Sharon describes her writing career as having two stages. Back in the dark ages, before computers were in every household, she had three paranormal books published. The first one was condensed by Redbook Magazine, the first paperback original they ever condensed. Then life brought her an unexpected challenge, by the name of breast cancer. After treatment she and her oncologist started a not-for-profit to provide information and peer support to breast cancer patients. With the organization up and running, she returned to her first love – writing. This time around she’s been writing cozy mysteries with a paranormal twist. That Olde White Magick is the second book in her Abracadabra Mysteries.

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About the Book

Kailyn Wilde enjoys running her shop, Abracadabra, in the quaint New York hamlet of New Camel, where she lives with her six cats. Her family’s been here for centuries, and she’d like to keep up the tradition. But the place may never be the same if a big hotel gets built, so she does her civic duty and attends a town meeting along with her aunt Tilly . . . and Merlin. Yes, that Merlin—though he gets introduced to folks as her “distant English cousin.” The wizard is pretty grumpy about being transported here, but there are things about the modern world he doesn’t mind—like pizza.

Kailyn was prepared for a heated debate about the hotel, but she wasn’t expecting murder. When Tilly finds the body of a board member outside the schoolhouse, Kailyn doesn’t want any suspicion cast on the wrong person. She plans to crack this case, even if she has to talk to every living soul in town—plus a few departed ones . . .



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