Do Not Adjust Your Speed

I work again now. That’s why I’m so sporadic here. Or everywhere, whatever. I’m not gonna blog about my job, but I’ll tell you it’s the same job I had before, not that that’s helpful, since I never wrote about my work, but if you were one of the people who knew my old job, my new job is like that, still non-disclosure-agreement-y. Yay! No introvert wants to blog about her job, BUT! I work twice as many hours and make four times as much money and I get to wear jeans every day which feels sooo naughty since I haven’t had a jean job since I was twenty-fuckin four.

Like I said, new field of practice — inundation of learning. Brain at max capacity. Whoosh.

I drink chamomile tea all day and I still come home wired for sound.

Except when I don’t, because sometimes I taxi people and parent away from home…

i’ve decided i’m okay with the internet seeing this much of my daughter before her formal

and this much of her swimming

…and then sometimes on top of work and momming, I gotta push around a grocery cart and when I get home, I just wanna flop my perfectly round ass down and eat a goddamned sammich in peace because I am only one woman!

And why on earth was I eating pastrami? Why did I want red meat and brine? Cause the full moon in Gemini was so majestic, like any good witch would, I bled like the earth needed the iron.
What could be better than bleeding to death at one’s new job?


jesss, margarita, come to mama

Then we had two birthdays, which meant five girls, two cakes, and a lot of ice cream. It was festive — all week festive! The wrapping paper stayed on the dining room table for DAYS. I walked by, cake in hand, for DAYS.

fourteen candles for moo moo

Birthdays with swim meets and a new job! Oh, and well checks for the teens, a new doctor and back-to-back appointments.

But wait, there’s more! The holidays are upon us and that means all the orchestra rehearsals and concerts, too! Handel’s Messiah, the Hallelujah Chorus, for one. Even we pagan heathen Unitarians love us some Hallelujah Chorus.

A relaxing weekend at home went well until I heeded my dryer’s buzz and smelled gas instead of soapy goodness. The leaky gas line has been capped and now we wait for repair. (Really The Mister waits, but you know we all want repair.) Until then, it’s space heaters and boiling water for baths. Monday morning made worse.

This week, every day but Friday has something booked, too. From what I’ve read, many of you are slammed as well.

This is all to say, I very much enjoy my life, however, it’s been BUSY BUSY BUSY!

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