Does Anyone Need More Proof that Trump is the Leader of the White Supremacist Movement?

Trump continues to order ICE to deport men and women who have never committed a crime in the United States. He has begun deporting 59,000 Haitians who have been allowed to stay in America after multiple earthquakes destroyed much of their nation and killed thousands of men, women, and children. Trump has been consistent with attacks on minorities while supporting the ‘rights’ of white nationalists who spew hatred and promote violence.

Today President Obama’s Executive Order, which gave 200,000 refugees from El Salvador temporary residence in the United States after their nation was ravaged by earthquakes, expired. Trump has given them notice that their Temporary Protected Status, TPS, has been rescinded. They must leave the United States no later than September 19, 2019.

800,000 young men and women known as DACA, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, remain in limbo. Word from inside the White House is that in another act revealing his complete lack of compassion and humanity, Trump will bargain with Democrats. Vote for his wall, which is a waste of money and will fail like everything else Trump attempts, and he will renew the DACA program. This is your illegitimate president at his worst.

If you live in America, and you are not white, or if you are Muslim, you have a reason to be very afraid. The real meaning behind Trump’s red hats was “make America white again.” That is Trumps idea of what is ‘great.’

How long will Fox Noise, Nora O’Donnell, Jeff Glor, Lester Holt, David Muir, other television news personalities, and the entire Republican Party halt their efforts to hide the fact that not only is Trump a white supremacist, he is the leader of the entire movement?

I am disgusted to think that an immoral, obese, and prejudiced man with a derriere as large as the west portico is defiling our nation’s most sacred residence. He is not an American president.

Please spread the truth; thank you.

Op-ed by James Turnage


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