Eye talk


When I was little, my parents would speak Italian to each other when they didn’t want us to understand what they were saying. However, after spending entire summers at my grandparents’ house, I began to understand Italian, and soon their secrets were revealed.

D and I don’t speak Italian to each other, so instead we speak in code.

Or at least, we try to.

The first time the kids called us out on our code-speak, was during dinner one day. I was motioning to my husband about something, and trying not to draw attention to it, however my girls are quicker than I thought and asked me what I was trying to say.

We were caught red-handed and I smiled, shrugged my shoulders and stopped talking.

“Are you guys talking with your eyes?” the Little Mouse asked.

I guess that’s what it looks like, between a series of looks, shrugs, head gestures and trying read lips. The kids think we’re crazy, but find it hilarious that we both nod and say “yes” or “no” without saying much else. And yet we get our points across and know what we’re trying to say.

And of course, curious minds want to know what it is we’re talking about.

To be honest, it’s usually about them and planning some fun while trying to keep it a surprise, such as going to Canada’s Wonderland.

The Little Mouse laughs so hard when she thinks we’re doing it and has even come up to me, raising her eyebrows or lowing her gaze and staring at me while saying, “I want to talk with my eyes too, mommy!” I told her that she needs to work on it, but eventually she’ll get it.


Do you and your spouse speak in code?

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