how, why and when?

I used to love you
but you let it go with the hurt
hurtful words that are thrown against me
that suffocate all my feelings
and all my thoughts towards you and your world
you are not near me
you have no compassion
I am not willing to let this be
this compassionless behaviour towards me and my “crowd”
wrong is it what you do
I feel lost and I have no hope either
I hate my life and how it goes
that is not because of you
but your people make it even worse
I am too old to lie around
that is not what I wanted to be happening
all the lies and the deceit
I just want to love always
but all I get is laughter and dismissal
refusal, challenge, defeat,
and again pure hate
a hundred misunderstandings
because nobody of this crowd uses real communication
I guess you are experts on these things
so how can that be?

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