Identity – Ingrid Thoft

 5/5 Unidentified Stars

On The Back:

“Thoft’s gripping sequel…A quirky and empathetic heroine, a fast-moving plot, and a surprise ending make this a winner.”
Publishers Weekly

Firecracker P.I. Fina Ludlow returns in the next hard-driving entry in the acclaimed series by Ingrid Thoft.

It’s been a couple months since Fina’s last big case—the one that exposed dark family secrets and called Fina’s family loyalty into question—but there’s no rest for the weary, especially when your boss is Carl Ludlow.

Renata Sanchez, a single mother by choice, wants to learn the identity of her daughter Rosie’s sperm donor. A confidentiality agreement and Rosie’s reticence might deter other mothers, but not Renata, nor Carl, who’s convinced that lawsuits involving cryobanks and sperm donors will be “the next big thing.” Fina uncovers the donor’s identity, but the solution to that mystery is just the beginning: within hours of the case going public, Rosie’s donor turns up dead.

Fina didn’t sign on for a murder investigation, but she can’t walk away from a death she may have set in motion. She digs deeper and discovers that DNA doesn’t tell the whole story and sometimes, cracking that code can have deadly consequences.

My Thoughts:

Fast paced, engrossing and entirely readable, Identity was a simply amazing book that I devoured.

I absolutely love Fina. She is one of the strongest characters I have ever read, and I love her interactions with her family (especially her father.) Some changes happened in her relationship with Christian, and I hope that plot line continues with the next book. The rest of the cast is all excellently written,

The mystery was plotted wonderfully. I didn’t really expect the killer until the end, even though there was a limited pool of suspects. I love the dedication Fina has for her job, and I love that the author shows that being a PI is a viable business.

Overall a superb book. I can’t wait to read the next one! Highly recommend.

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