May The Verse Be With You


So my sister went to another one of her mini adventures and one of those places was Stratford, the place known for theater. She was only there for a day, but she still managed to get me something. She bought me the trilogy of Ian Doescher; William Shakespeare’s Star Wars.

I have been planning to get these books someday, because I thought it was ingenious. I love Shakespearean time and Star Wars, having both in one is just awesome! I actually was not aware that they had a box set for this series, I always saw them separately in bookstores. These books are quite beautifully designed, from the sleeves to the covers, the pages and the artwork inside.

Inside the box contains these three books: Verily, A New Hope, The Empire Striketh Back, and The Jedi Doth Return. I love the way these covers are done, look at the details and their attires! Can you imagine seeing these as theater posters? The paper quality for these sleeves are so nice and these are just the front sleeves. The back of the sleeve shows different illustrations that are in the book with a little blurb underneath and the first page have these colored patterns. The inside of the sleeves show the chapter illustrations used inside the book itself as shown below. The actual book covers are simple with a worn-look to it, the book titles are sort of embossed in gold.Not only is the book itself designed well but they also added in a poster in the set, sized at 8 x 34 inches and it’s quite amazing. The only thing I do not like about it is how the posters in these box sets are always folded which ruins the whole imagery. I do not know if that’s just the designer in me, but I’m sure most fans would not like a folded merch. It’s too long in fact that I had to make a GIF of it, to show the whole thing.

This was such a nice surprise, I cannot wait to read it. The artwork is illustrated by Nicolas Delort, this talented Canadian and French illustrator designed all the art pieces you see here. My sister also got me a Rheo Thompson candies chocolate, the house I got had cats on them and she did not even realize, it was meant to be in my opinion. :p She also managed to give me TAZO English Breakfast tea, just because of course ha. I’m so happy that I have the trilogy of this series, I know there are others but these were much needed. A bit late to celebrate the 40th anniversary, but better late than never.