Must-sees and dos in Ottawa, Canada

So we set off from Toronto on our way to the capital, Ottawa. Unlike Toronto, Ottawa had quite a regal vibe to the city. It was the place where Parliament stood, where the Fairmont Chateau Laurier stood, and the haunted tales around the Ontario river were told.

Whilst the creepy tales were told we were overwhelmed by the domineering structures that surround the capital and really enjoyed the different feeling we had here compared to Toronto.

So what must you absolutely see and do in Ottawa? Well, let the countdown commence.

5. Haunted Walk

Growing up, if you have never lived through your older peers taunting you with haunted stories, well, you’re lucky. If you like the adrenaline of stories that are “true” and the dead bodies that lie right beneath the ground you stand on, then this is for you. As the sun sets and the icy wind picks up, Ottawa is a becomes a playground for ghost stories. With history oozing quite literally from the ground and stories flowing from the river, the haunted walk is one to do. If you’re in Ottawa when it’s icy cold like we were then this is a bonus, the bitter winds and the frosty nips make this “see and do” an absolute must.

4. Parliament.

Hands up if you love Justin Trudeau *hands up*. Not only is he one hell of a good looking president, he is the definition of a family guy with a stunning wife. We were lucky enough to sit through parliament with him there. That readers, was an absolute treat. Being in parliament was bizarre. It was basically a replica of the English Parliament. Like quite physically the same. *Fun fact* Canadian Parliament burnt down way back when but the library survived because of the door and what it was made from. The library inside was something else though, it looked like that scene in Gilmore Girls when Rory goes to Yale or quite simply like the library in Harry Potter.


If you’re missing home and you want something to remind you of it, go to the pub. Serious. Hit the pub, there’s Irish. British, Scottish pubs and they are just like being down at spoons with the addition of being ale to order Jack Daniel wings. We spent many nights chilling down the pub and met some incredible people. We were in a Scottish pub one night and we met a guy who keeps his town safe from Polar Bears. I couldn’t tell if he was joking, but Canada is pretty northern, even for a northern gal like me.

2. Take a walk down the canal

If you fancy a stroll along the Rideau Canal then the world is at your feet. There’s something quite tranquil about this, so peaceful. It was lovely strolling along and breathing in the bitter fresh air. We had the sun too which made it even better. You can imagine locals here in the morning doing a morning run or a walk with their dog whilst surround by water and … peace. The Rideau Canal connects to Lake Ontario and is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is mainly used for boating and leaisure activities including ice skating in the winter nowadays, but holds a lot of history for Ottawa. The Fairmont hotel towers over the locks which the canal still uses to this day

1. Byward Market

If you’re into markets, fresh produce and basically open air stalls, then take a peek at Byward. I would probably recommend going in the warmer season however as a lot of the stalls were closed when we went but we found some proper gems for breakfast. Hiya Eggs Benedict, my staple diet whilst I was in Canada.

So there you have it, if you want history, politics, and a taste of back home, get yourself to Ottawa!

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