My Morning Routine!

Hi everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Its 2018 so i thought i would start my first ever proper blog account where i will be uploading a lot during the weeks and i am so exited to be part of this community.


The first skin care product i use in the morning is the Garnier Skinactive micellar cleansing gel water and i like to use this to help wake me up in the morning and make my face feel more clean, i use this before i use any other product. It is a very thick gel consistency but it lathers nicely. When i apply this i use it in circular motions until it lathers and then i rinse it off with a flannel.

Secondly i like to use the Liz Earl gentle face exfoliator this is brilliant for helping remove unwanted dead skin sells, i like to just use this in the morning as i dont want in courage my skin to break out if i use it consequently, i like to use this in circular motions and then after i have done that i like to rinse it off and then pat my face

After i get rid of all the unwanted skin sells i wash my face and then pat it with a towel to remove the access damp on my skin, Then i grab a cotton pad these can be found mostly anywhere, i apply a small amount of the The Body Shop aloe calming toner onto the cotton pad and start toning my skin, using a toner gets rid of the unwanted oils and it also helps remove left over makeup from the night before.

I recently been loving the The Body Shop elderflower eye gel i like to use a little bit of this under my eyes and also on my eye lids to keep them hydrated

After everything i have done to my skin i like to use the The Body Shop vitamin E hydrating facial mist i like to do a light spray on my face and then i like to massage it into my skin

You should always moisturise your lips and my favour at the moment is the strawberry EOS

I also love to moisturise my body with the The body shop Christmas body butter i frosted berries 

And lastly i like to use this on my hands thoughtout the day to stop them getting dry the The Body Shop frosted berries hand cream

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