New Segment: Creepy Fridays!

This is a new blog segment/meme I’ve come up, which I hope to be doing on Fridays. It’s basically about teen horror released in 70s to the 90s. Remember those interesting covers of the Fear Street? Yeah, those kinds of books! I’ll be featuring some selections between the 70s to 90s in my blog on Fridays. However, it’s not just R.L. Stine! I’m trying to extend it to other authors like Christopher Pike, L.J. Smith, etc. I still have to do some research of my own for other authors and titles. NOTE: It might take some time to read/review some of these books because they are often hard to find.

Inspired by the Teen Creeps Podcast, I’m looking for a fun way to revisit these short teen horror novels which were popular in the past. I might feature book reviews, book recommendations, movie/tv show fan-casts, etc. To get started, I want to talk about one of my favorite L.J. Smith series that reminded me so much of The Labyrinth.

You have no power over me vs. I am my own master? Hm. I’d be surprised if L.J. Smith wrote The Forbidden Game without thinking of Sarah and Jareth! AKA the original Julian and Jenny.

I want to start Creepy Friday with my fan-cast for The Forbidden Game:

  • Jenny Thornton
    The main character in the series. Her grandfather died when she was young after discovering the dark and ancient beings in their basement. Years later, she wanted to buy a board game for her boyfriend, Tom. After she was followed by creepy guys during her search, she discovered the More Games store. This is where she meets Julian who convinces her to buy the game.

    “Mystery,” he said. His voice caught Jenny halfway across the room. She hesitated in spite of herself. What on earth did he mean?“Danger. Seduction. Fear.” Jenny turned back to face him, staring. There was something almost mesmerizing about his voice-it was full of elemental music, like water running over rock. “Secrets revealed. Desires unveiled.” He smiled at her and pronounced the last word distinctly: “Temptation.”“What are you talking about?” she said, tensed to hit him or run if he took one step toward her.

    He didn’t. His eyes were as innocently blue as Nordic fjords. “The Game, of course. That’s what you want, isn’t it? Something . . . very special.”

    It was difficult for me to pick who I wanted to play as Jenny. In the end, I went with Dianna Agron. She’s got the hair and the smile. She also kind of looks like the girl in the cover!

  • Julian
    The ancient being who fell in love with Jenny. The one who had been watching her since she was a child. I know, what a creeper! *cough*

    He simply liked her because she was innocent and good. Scratch that, he was OBSESSED with her. He took the chance by luring Jenny into the game. In the game, he was *finally* able to ‘play’ and interact with Jenny. (Note: the dance scene from the Labyrinth happened in the second book of this series!!)

    “Who are you?” she whispered again.

    “Who do you want me to be? I love you, Jenny-I came from the World of Shadows to get you. I’ll be anything you like, give you anything you want. Do you like jewels? Emeralds to match your eyes? Diamonds?” He reached outspread fingers toward her throat, not quite touching.

    Again, it was difficult for me to pick the actor for this role. I can’t find anyone who has white blonde hair… However, I’ve been watching Shadowhunters recently and I thought… Sebastian… Maybe?? Hmm… HAHA.

    I mean, Will Tudor can act like a nice guy and an evil being at the same time… So why not? He’ll be great for the role!

  • Tom Locke
    There’s nothing you need to know about him except he’s Jenny’s boyfriend. He seems to not care about her in the beginning, taking her for granted. Because of Julian, he learns to appreciate Jenny. My fancast for Tom is Zach Roerig.
  • I mean, he’s been friend-zoned in The Vampire Diaries… Let him be with the leading lady for once!

    4. Deidre (Dee) Eliade
    Jenny seems so obsessed with how Dee looks, like an “African princess.” She’s not well-versed in technology and she would rather make things with her bare hands. She’s protective in nature when it comes to Jenny. She often gets into a fight with Audrey.

    I think we can all agree that Amandla Stenberg is perfect for the part!

    5. Michael Cohen
    Audrey’s boyfriend. Sarcastic and witty, but has a ridiculous fear. I admit that it took me a while to fan-cast him…

    “Michael Cohen was shaped like a teddy bear, with dark hair as rumpled as his gray sweats and the eyes of a sarcastic spaniel.”

    Teddy bear? Sarcastic spaniel? But I think Noah Centineo might fit the part.

    6. Zach Taylor
    Oh gosh, Zachary was even harder to cast. He’s Jenny’s cousin (or half-cousin)? A photographer and recluse. Supposedly said to sport a ponytail and has light hair with gray eyes. It’s going to be difficult to cast him. Unless there’s going to be a change in character description. But I’d probably cast Chace Crawford to freak everyone out. You’ll know why after Julian transforms into Zach at some point in this book. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    I think he won’t look bad with a ponytail. *sigh

    7. Audrey Meyers
    Sophisticated and rich, most likely a popular girl in their high school… Her fear were the stories she’s heard from her stay in Germany when she was young. I think Bella Thorne would be great for the part.

    8. Summer Parker-Pearson
    Short, child-like, childhood friend of Jenny. Needs to be protected at all costs. Anna Sophia Robb could be perfect for the part. I always imagined Summer to be cute and petite, also innocent looking. Like a mini Jenny?

    Has anyone ever read The Forbidden Game Series?
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