New Year Adventure

Today I wandered to a place which inspires me about my past travels. Water-Break-Its-Neck is a middle-earth kind of place, with a huge tumbling waterfall nestled in a ravine in Radnorshire. As I look up, I see trees clinging to the rocks and dangling down the banks, dripping with mosses and lichens. I’m instantly transported to the wilderness of New Zealand and the incredible adventures I had there. Sometimes I like to just look and absorb the moment and so my sketchbook stayed tucked away.

I picked up some leaves and hart’s-tongue ferns and curled them around to make into a boat, and floated them down the river. Boat racing with my nephew had me playing in nature, with smiles on our faces.

My adventure today had me thinking of the characters I’ve been developing, and here is one to share with you. He’s inspired by my travels in New Zealand. It’s exciting to   use your imagination and see what you can create. Have a go and reconnnect with your inner child and see what new characters you can develop. You could also have some adventures connecting with nature too.





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