On the bright side…

This was on Monday… and it started with a drive to work that took 1 hour and 40 minutes, which normally takes 25-35 minutes.. and the reason- heavy snowfall!


I had put on workout clothes to go running in the gym in the morning instead of outside, but since I arrived so late that didn’t happen… I did want to at least take a shower before work, but there was no hot water in the showers, so that didn’t happen either (I had clean clothes on and did shower the afternoon before, so don’t worry about hygiene) … grrrreat!

In the afternoon my bf sent me this message from a real estate agent:

Which meant that the apartment I wanted to buy in Milan had been sold…

And then I came home and again, on account of the snowfall my internet didn’t work so I couldn’t do anything of what I had planned- in other words, blog, read and stream a TV- series I wanted to catch.

So all in all.. a real shitty Monday!

On the bright side though… I did get to go to a small outdoor concert Sunday where they had gospel music and served hot chocolate.


And I did take the time on Sunday to decorate my apartment- so I came home to a cosy place.

Aaaaaaand I did have a great day at work, so let’s focus on the bright side! Yesterday I started fresh with a run in the gym in the morning, which always helps