Please, Not Another Billionaire Capitalist for President – My Thoughts on The Queen of Daytime Television and “Leaders” Like Her

Go ahead and grab a bucket of tomatoes, but before you throw them at me, please hear me out.  In the end, I think you’ll agree, or at least get where I’m coming from.  It has taken me years to be able to form words around what I feel intuitively, and now I am able to see it so clearly that I can’t help but speak out.  I’m going to make this short and sweet, and then follow up with a more elaborate video on my new channel (link below).

Here we go… The problem (as I see it) with these so-called leaders who identify with being a certain color, or who identify with being gay, or who identify with being ANYTHING, is that they are backwards discriminating against themselves for the very label that society has slapped upon them and the very limited identity that has essentially held them back from their human rights.  You would think that powerful people like Oprah, and those who have had the opportunity to enlighten themselves, would stop identifying with labels, and begin leading from a place of being HUMAN, instead of leading from a place of ego.

Let me explain…

Ego sees itself as separate.  Ego has a fear of not being seen, and of disappearing, so whenever it feels threatened, it sends a fear signal through the human being, and urges them to fight to save it.  Ego does not see itself as a part of the collective of humanity.  In fear of losing its presence in the world it separates itself by identifying with certain aspects of the human.

For instance (we’ll bring this home), my ego likes to identify with being an independent career mom.  Well, it used to.  Now I don’t see myself as a career mom, because ultimately, I know that I am much more than a career mom.  After having a massive wake-up call in rehab (where all of my privileges were revoked and I had to step down as the Senior Peer, while giving up my coveted job function, on top of being placed back into Orientation), I discovered that I have spent my entire life identifying with labels, and fighting to keep those labels.  When the labels were ripped off in rehab, I had nothing to attach myself to, and I went into a rage thinking that I was somehow disappearing.  Fear overtook my entire experience, until I woke up one morning thereafter, without being able to identify with being a Senior Peer, and I felt myself in my wholeness and completeness.  When I looked into the mirror that morning, for the first time (ever), I noticed the light of my spirit behind my eyes, instead of merely seeing my thirty-five year old face and body.  I woke up to the knowing that I was beyond all of the egotistical labels that I attached myself to, and tried to fight for out of pride.

That was a huge revelation.  Since that day, I continue tapping into and reminding myself to operate from that space of wholeness, instead of trying to uphold labels that society and other people want to slap upon me.  I would never (in a million years) stand up as a leader for redheads, or for anything that limits the spirit within me that is ultimately whole and free.  But here we have dozens (or more) separate groups of people who are segregated and discriminated against by society, who use those very labels, and fight for rights from that limited space of being.

Why not fight for HUMAN RIGHTS in all its blazing glory, so that every one of these segregated groups become a stronger unit?  Why not see themselves as WHOLE and COMPLETE, and speak from a place of KNOWING that they deserve to be treated just like any other human being?  Why not understand and let the world know that they have power within them to live their lives at their fullest potential, not because they are a black woman from the projects, but because they are greater than all of those labels combined? 

These “leaders” are perpetuating the very problem that is ruining our world (not just our country).

I do not want to follow ANYONE who is so unwise that they do not understand this while they are leading movements, and being idolized by the public for the very label that nearly held them back in life.  I want someone who is WHOLE in themselves, and who does not perpetuate segregation based on what wing of the damn bird that they identify with politically, or the color of their skin, or the body that they were born into, because all of that is temporary, and all of those identifications ultimately limits the spirit within them that is essentially free.

God, I just want to scream… HELLO!  People are following and supporting segregation while shouting from the rooftops that they want to be treated equal. WTF?!  I mean, need I say more?  All of us are HUMAN.  All of us deserve the same rights as human beings who were born on the same Earth.  Can we find one wise person who gets this and carries the message out into the world?  That’s the leader who I would follow, but I encourage everyone to stop looking for a leader, and to start being one, because if Oprah becomes president, we are f*cked.  She is the worst of them all when it comes to fighting for segregation.  Seriously.  Do you see it now?  I certainly hope so.

And I know, I know, the title of my blog completely contradicts my point of view.  That was done on purpose.  That’s called irony.  That’s the limited space that these “leaders” operate from.  Ultimately, Oprah and Trump are spiritual beings having a human experience, and I see them as such, but I certainly will call out their ego any day of the week because I’m tired of Ego leading this country.  I’m not going down with that ship, and I encourage you to jump off board before its too late if you’re hooting and hollering for Oprah for President.

I want someone in office who leads from their wholeness and completeness as a fellow human being who was born on Earth just like everyone else, and who is not operating from their ego, but hell will never freeze over, so…



J. L. Forbes

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