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Sieh Mir Beim Sterben Zu (2010)

by P.J. Tracy(Favorite Author)
3.87 of 5 Votes: 2
3805208596 (ISBN13: 9783805208598)
review 1: Sometimes an absolute gem just falls into your lap, & this was one of them. I picked this up in a hotel reception whilst waiting to leave and it's the best detective book I've read in years. The plot is that multiple murders are carried out, all pre-posted on the internet prior to occurring. FBI and police are all struggling, so they team up with the elite cyber team at Monkeywrench, who don't always operate within the law. The characters are wonderful, all deeply thought out and charismatic in their own way. The character of Wild Jim, the alcoholic ex judge is truly inspired. There is also a final twist in the epilogue, which I won't spoil, but wasn't happy about. Craving the rest of the series.
review 2: The writing in this book felt clunky. It seemed
... more like the story was already going when I started reading and somehow I had missed the introduction. Some of the language was odd, particularly the scenes written from the POV of teenagers. I also got a bit confused by the several different plot lines going on at once. They didn't build on the plot, but just confused things. And unfortunately, I think the terrorism plot got in the way of me getting to know one of the new characters, the FBI Profiler Chelsea. On top of that, the ending was very rushed. I didn't completely understand why all of the victims were killed.This story felt like a hodge podge of all of the possible awful things that could happen because of the Internet.I do have to say that the addition of FBI Agent Paul Smith was great. I found his character to be really interesting. less
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enjoyed this book, if you like the others in this series you'll also enjoy this one.
Love PJ Tracy! Mother-daughter writing team - great tech thrillers!
Internet and social media crime. Good read.
very good except for filthy language
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