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Choosing Sides (2008)

by Treasure Hernandez(Favorite Author)
4.44 of 5 Votes: 1
1601620594 (ISBN13: 9781601620590)
Urban Books
review 1: This book was good I cant believe that things went down the way they did with Haleigh and Malik. I was expecting Malik to go to the pros not get into selling drugs with Jamaican Joe. I blame his mom though she should have never put Haleigh out of her house. She should have seen what was going on. To me that was the turning point of the story because when she put Haleigh out Malik went to, he end up robbing a convient store with a stick and got caught and wind up in jail leaving Haleigh with no place to go and she refused to go back to her mothers house after she sold her daughters innocence for some drugs to feed her habit. Haleigh met meme and meme turned Haleigh on to Manolo (a pimp) and from then on out Haleigh's life would never be the same. She got on drugs and became... more this prostitute. Malik was turned on to the North's biggest king-pin Jamaican Joe and Halleigh was on Manolo's and Sweets team. This book is also a MUST READ!!
review 2: I absolutely loved this book. I almost overlooked it at the bookstore but I'm so glad I didnt.I couldnt put this book down and read it in all of a one day. Its a shame that these 2 young people are truly an example of bad things happening to good people. I understand Malek's mother wanting to protect her child but I sometimes wondered if she was more worried about protecting her investment then her child ?!? And am I the only one who just wanted to slap her ?!? LOL less
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I didn't like the way Malek lost every thing he work for nothing
omg this book was soooo good!!!
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