Review: Eco Friendly and Cruelty Free Cleaning Products.

Yes, I’m a big weirdo. I love cleaning. And tidying. And obsessively organising things into boxes. And also drawstring bags because that’s the first thing I learnt how to do on my sewing machine.

After watching Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners I was really into the virtues of bleach but recently I’ve been trying to only buy household products that are cruelty free, and ideally eco friendly. I’ve also been trying not to buy as much anti-bacterial stuff as there has been a lot of talk about how they potentially do more harm than good. Antibacterial soaps are even banned in the US! You can read more here about uncertainty over their effectiveness and possible side effects. Anti-bacterial soap may even contribute to antibiotic resistance which we all know is going to bring about the zombie apocalypse at some point.


The main stumbling block for me with trying to only buy cruelty free and eco friendly products is cost. The classics, like Ecover and Method, are a bit pricey. A bottle of Ecover multi purpose cleaner is £2.24 in Tesco whilst Method is an eye watering £3.00. It’s easy to understand why people (me included) are more likely to plump for a bog standard bottle of Tesco cleaning spray for £0.70!

I only buy Ecover and Method when they are on offer and even then I’m not 100% sold on some of the fragrances. I’ve never bought Ecover softener because it just doesn’t smell good! I’m also not wild about the Method Eucalyptus and Mint Method Bathroom cleaner. I do really like their hand wash though.

One range of products that won’t break the bank is Astonish. They offer a large range that you can usually pick up for £1. 

Astonish is cruelty free but unfortunately not eco-friendly. I bought a couple of bottles (Multi Surface Cleaner with Orange Oil and Multi Purpose Cleaner with Bleach) in The Range to give our new house the once over when we moved in. Is there anything worse than other people’s dirt?

They both clean really well and a little goes a long way with both. But I found if you are over zealous it can be a bit hard to get rid of streaks…especially on my black kitchen surfaces. I only use the bleach cleaner in the bathroom now as I found the smell overpowering in the kitchen.

Since moving to Devon we have switched from mostly shopping in Tesco to mostly shopping in Lidl. I love Lidl. The fruit and veg is really cheap, and their own food products are yummy and really well priced. And the Aisle of Random Joy is pretty amazing.

Lidl do lots of very cheap cleaning products but cruelty free and eco friendly products don’t seem to be a focus for them (yet). So I was pretty excited to see some Clean-ology products on offer last week. Clean-ology surface cleaners are usually about £2.50 but they were on offer for two for £3!! I bought the Wild Mint & Green Tree and the Rose and Wild Mint Multi-Surface cleaners.

According to Clean-ology their products are non abrasive, non toxic, created using eco friendly ingredients such as essential oils, and are safe to use on lots of surfaces. The natural ingredients found in the cleaners make them pure enough to use around children and pets with peace of mind.

And even more excitedly (!) the fragrances that Clean-ology uses are carefully selected because of their beneficial properties. Whaaaat I hear you ask? Clean-ology claim that rose is used for its uplifting and antiseptic properties, mint for its benefit to the respiratory system and antifungal properties. Wild mint is used for its detoxifying properties, which some believe can relieve stress and anxiety.

Is there anything better than a cleaning product that has the potential to lift your mood, and relieve anxiety? I think not.

*I have not experienced any mood lifting, or stress relief whilst using these products. Yet.

These fantastical claims aside I really like the Clean-ology cleaners. The packaging is very attractive (I know this probably shouldn’t be important but yet it is). They smell nice and I’m happy with the clean in both the bathroom and the kitchen.

However, the prize for my favourite range of cruelty free and eco friendly products has to go to Tesco for their relatively new Eco Active range which is made from plant-based, non-toxic, bio-degradable ingredients. The range includes laundry detergent, washing up liquid, fabric conditioner, a multi-surface cleaner and a toilet cleaner. It’s also recyclable and the bottles contain up to 45% recycled plastic. It’s not tested on animals and they fund research into alternatives. What’s not to love about this?

Literally nothing. The bottles are beautiful and really eye catching. I love the colour of the Pink Grapefruit Surface Cleaner and the luminescence of the Pomegranate washing up liquid.

They’re also ridiculously competitively priced!

  • Washing up liquid 500 ml £1.00
  • Surface cleaner £1.50
  • Laundry detergent 1.5l £4.00
  • Fabric conditioner 750ml £1.50
  • Toilet cleaner 750ml £1.00

So far I’ve tried the washing up liquid, the surface cleaner, the fabric conditioner and the detergent and I’m delighted with all of them – the cleaning power, the smell, the look and the values behind them. Eco Active really is the whole package and it will definitely be my go to range in the future. Well done Tesco.

If you haven’t already made a New Year’s Resolution I recommend trying to become a more cruelty free, eco friendly house by switching to something like the Eco Active range which is not only very aesthetically pleasing but will make you feel like a better person too.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on any eco friendly brands you love or hate.

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