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Prelude (2013)

by Shira Anthony(Favorite Author)
4.03 of 5 Votes: 1
162380597X (ISBN13: 9781623805975)
Dreamspinner Press
Blue Notes
review 1: I'd like to say Thank You to Shira Anthony for such a beautiful story. In fact I would have to say to just be the most beautiful, angst filled love story I've read. Possibly because of all of the music involved, the story had that same kind of flow that music has. It took me to major Highs, those in between bars and some of the lowest Bass possible. I really loved it and will definitely without a doubt read the rest of her catalog.
review 2: 3.5 stars David is an uptight well respected conductor who comes from a wealthy background. Alex Bishop is the former foster kid who is now a brilliant, versatile violinist. While the story has quite a bit of detail about the lives of these two I never understood the connection and the story dragged a bit. I think A
... morelex was a bit too perfect and David just a bit too hung up on his rich grandfather's scorn of his chosen profession. The writing is good and carried me along but my interest remained on a surface level. There is also a bit too much deus ex machine, so the relationship didn't feel entirely organic. less
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3.5Sweet and thoughtful. A bit flowery at times, but that might be just me.
DNF - This moved WAY to slow for me. I finally gave up at 52%. Sorry.
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