Something that I miss

When someone says “I miss”, most people assume that a person dwells in the past rather than living in the now. In my opinion, I think that missing is the most natural feeling that a person can feel. If you miss something, if you long for, if you have felt something very strong and beautiful in the past–then you have felt something that made you feel alive.   


I miss certain places I have been to, places that made me feel at home. I miss people that I love, beautiful human beings who always accepted me, just the way I am. I miss memories that I sometimes wish to relive, adventures that made me into who I am. Life keeps on happening, obstacles arise, people change, and eventually you have to say goodbye to most things in your life.


If I think about a place that I miss, that I always miss, every second, every hour, every day and every week and every month and all the time…that place would be California.



My home, my heart & shelter. The place where I spent most of my loved memories, where I learned how to love and where I was loved. Where I always woke up with a smile and went to sleep feeling happy from tip-to-toe. I miss you, California.

I miss San Francisco and I miss the people who live next to it. I miss the small and big adventures, everything that made me grow.

All these beautiful and warm days I have spent here, surrounded by brilliant people who I love so much. I have visited the West Coast many times and from the very first second I set foot on this land, I fell in love with it. A place where the weather is glorious most days and even the bad days are not all that awful. Where there is a certain kind of magic in the air and my heart feels care and love around it. When I think about California, especially the Bay Area, I feel homesick. I feel sad and happy at the same time.

I find comfort in the explainable sense of familiarity I get when wandering the streets of San Francisco. I miss the feelings I feel when I walk the land of sunshine. I miss the land of flowers, and fresh fruit and wine. I miss the skies of azure blue and the purple sun-sets. I miss the ocean and the rugged shore. I miss it all.

I love you, California; I just can’t help loving you. You are Home Sweet Home to me. Deep within me I know, I will always come back to you my love, I know we will always meet again. Till then, I will miss you.

And you know what?

That’s okay.

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