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Song Of The Dragon (2010)

by Tracy Hickman(Favorite Author)
3.59 of 5 Votes: 5
0756406072 (ISBN13: 9780756406073)
DAW Hardcover
The Annals of Drakis
review 1: he Song of the Dragon, by Tracy Hickman, opens up with the final battle between a mighty elven empire and the last dwarven king. Drakis and his companions, all of them slave warriors of the elven empire, fight their way to the Ninth Throne and kill the last dwarven king. It is a great victory for them and it will bring honor to their elven master, Lord Timuran. Unfortunately things begin to go downhill for Drakis and his companions.After the dwarves are defeated the elven warriors turn on one other, each trying to claim the dwarven crown for their master. The crown is lost in the chaos and Drakis’ cohort is left with nothing to bring back to their master except a rather annoying dwarven fool.Things get worse when the warriors arrive home; House Timuron’s Aether Well g... moreets destroyed during the Devotion ceremony. The Aether Well is the source of elven magic and it is what allows the elves to control their slaves. Each slave’s memories are manipulated and controlled by the Devotion spell in a way that makes the slaves want to serve their master. With the Aether Well destroyed, all of the slaves remember everything they had been forced to forget.Drakis and a group of slaves flee north lead by the song he hears in his head. Along the way each former slave grapples with their newly remembered memories. Most of them are shocked when they remember the things they have done in the past. Adding to the tension is the fact that Drakis and his companions are strangers to each other. Also one of them is marking their trail, allowing the elves to follow them.Normally a few escaped slaves wouldn’t be such a big deal for the elves. However many people think that Drakis will fulfill an ancient prophecy and destroy the elven empire. Various power groups attempt to capitalize on this idea. Drakis himself disbelieves the prophecy but that doesn’t stop others from using it to their advantage.Drakis is a classic reluctant hero. He is also a static character. In fact, most of the characters are static. By the end I was tired of Drakis’ repetitive reluctance. Regardless, my favorite character is the dwarven fool. By the end of the book I still wasn’t sure if he believed in the prophecy or if he was manipulating Drakis in order to get revenge on the elves.The Song of the Dragon is a fast-paced, epic fantasy adventure. I recommend it to any fantasy reader; seasoned readers or those new to the genre.
review 2: I am a HUGE fan of Mr. Hickman but I must be honest that while the book is OK it is not one of my favorite. But, all story lines cannot appeal to all people. This is "jouney saga" therefore there tends to be a lot if "time" between action sequences. Plenty of time for discussion and introspection. The action sequences are intense but there is too much time between them. The charaters journey, learn something, then journey some more, attempting to reach their final destination(s). It becomes difficult to maintain interest. He paints elves as the evil race in this series and I do like that. I am tired of the elves always being the good guys. I wish the map supplied in the book was more detailed. Too many locations are mentioned with little or no reference to where they may be found on the map. In my opinion, a good map is essential in a fantasy novel, especially one devoted to so much traveling. It helps one understand the magnitude and trials of a long journey, and place battles when they occur. less
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As always Hickman delivers a perfect retreat. I completly lost myself reading this one!
A bit disjointed at times, but the characters and plot are good.
It was OK. Not as good as Dragonlance though.
It was great now i have to get the next one
My reaction to this book was "meh."
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