Sweet Unrest by Lisa Maxwell 

Sweet Unrest by Lisa Maxwell; 336 pages


Lucy has always been plagued by the same dream. Over and over she drowns in her sleep. But when her family leaves Chicago to move to an old plantation in New Orleans, the dreams change. Lucy must now find a way to connect her strange new dreams to what is happening while she is awake before it’s too late. 

My thoughts: 

I absolutely loved this book. When I was putting up my review in Goodreads I noticed this book had a pretty low rating and I couldn’t believe it! I thought this book was so well written, it was unique, and it was such a quick and easy read!

I loved the meshing of the past and the present. I loved the supernatural element and the voodoo involved. I loved that it took place in New Orleans because the voodoo culture is so fascinating to me. I loved the characters and how they interacted with each other. I mean, I generally hate insta-love and over the top romance in books but I even liked the romance in the book. The insta-love was the biggest complaint with the Goodreads reviews and I wanted to ask those people if we read the same book because I took things so much differently than most people did. It wasn’t even a huge focus in the book! 

Anyway, I really enjoyed this book. The premise and the way it was told was intoxicating in my opinion. I immediately bought book 2 and I can’t wait to read it!