The Colors Are Protesting

The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywelt & Oliver Jeffers Where I got it: Barnes & Noble/Anthropolgie I saw this book in the store, Antropologie, which was one of the most unexpected places I’ve ever found a book. It’s quite an eclectic store that contains clothes, furniture, and beauty products in one open concept room. I guess it’s a lifestyle store so it makes sense to have books and the longer I think about it, maybe it even makes sense to have a kid’s book about crayons quitting their job. And I’ll start telling you why…NOW! The Day The Crayons Quit is exactly how the title makes it sounds. 12 crayons belonging to a kid named Duncan are nowhere to be found one day when he’s looking for them. In their place is a letter from each color with its own complaint. Whether being used too much (blue and gray), using being too little (white and beige), or being used too conventionally (pink), the colors are not having it and are making it very clear. This probably one of best approaches to protesting that I’ve seen in a minute, especially for children. More than likely, I don’t have to tell you how crazy politics have gotten this past year. There have been various outcries for change and action and I think having a children’s book that showcases this is great. Granted, Duncan isn’t a hardcore politician or your boss but (spoiler) he does change after the outcry because he knows that the crayons are serious about their demands. Not only that, but he benefits from the changes made. It’s definitely a good way to show kids that there will be times in life when you have to put your foot down and go for what you want. And there is nothing wrong with that. Adult Places to Read This:
  • In Atlanta: Exploring the streets of Midtown for the art installations spread all around Peachtree Street (including a cool & colorful piano right outside Arts Center station).
  • In General: Right after watching CNN or before you visit that art store with the adult coloring book you’ve been eyeing for a long time (and it you haven’t, you should because coloring can be very relaxing).

Adults Lessons in This Book:

  • When standing up for yourself, do not feel apologetic about it.
  • When standing up for yourself, be CLEAR about what you want.
  • When standing up for yourself: DO. NOT. PUNK. OUT!



**All images taken by India Davis unless noted.

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