The Jamie Drake Equation by Christopher Edge

I have been looking forward to reading this book for so long and it really didn’t disappoint.

Jamie’s dad is world famous astronaut, Commander Dan Drake and that’s brilliant, right? Wrong. It means that while everyone is watching him on the International Space Station on a mission to seek out life, he isn’t at home with Jamie. And Jamie really wants him home. Living with Granddad is too noisy, he has a maths test he needs his dad to help him with, and the day of his dad’s space mission is Jamie’s 11th birthday.

When he finds the old observatory at Beacon Hill, it isn’t abandoned. An astrologer is also searching for signs of life out in the universe, and Jamie isn’t to touch a thing…

Packed with real science (the Drake Equation, the Fibonacci Sequence and the Standard Model) this stunning sci-fi adventure is out of this world. Vivid descriptions bring Christopher Edge’s fantasy to life, as we see if there really is life out there in the cosmos.

Great for fans of Dr Who, all things astrological, aliens and science.

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