The Kilig-ness in Sickness

Look who visited at such a random day! It’s the Job of life! It’s been weeks since I last saw him and now we finally get to spend some quality time together.



To anyone reading this blog, bravo my life yo, here is the boyfriend! He came on short notice when he heard I got the colds (that’s the minor way to put it), and he wanted to see how I was holding up…

I actually have this weird thing called “Kabuhi” (in Bisaya), and it’s when I feel sooo nilalamig (stomach part), while also experiencing Diarrhea, LBM, and vomiting. Maybe there’s a medical term for this, but I prefer to think of it as “Kabuhi.” It’s stuck to me ever since. Lol. So, anyway, this one’s pretty intense, I swear. And I experience it often, most especially during my college days.

We spent the whole day just chilling with the fam, having him haplos my back (those close to me would know I love it sm haha), and eat good food! A simple and nice date.

FFW > I’m all for the sweet and thoughtful things such as a lovely visit. My simple takeaway: Appreciate the little things your partner does for you. These are not mere actions. It gives you happiness, and also lets you focus your attention (mind and heart) to gratitude ❤


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