The last three books I read

I’m so happy, elated really that 2017 was all about me getting back to reading. It’s just an enormous part of who I am and I missed doing it. But not anymore. I actually think that having started writing my first book inspired me to start reading as well. I wanted to do research, evolve and be immersed into everything books while creating my own fictional story. I feel like I’m at such a great, balanced point; no matter what or when, I find time to sit down and write and read. It feels absolutely spectacular. 

My mother just last night told me about her being unable to make me stop reading and go to bed when I was growing up. I would promise her to go to sleep but I would put the covers over me, turn on the flashlight I had stashed and resumed reading. All is fair in love, war and reading apparently. That has become one of my favorite memories of my childhood. I feel proud of my doing that.